About Us

Welcome to Shop Here Pravalia!

We are a family business founded with the vision of building one of the best online store specialized in Home & Kitchen, Jewelry, Bath & Beauty, Baby and Gifts Supplies.

We love our life every minute, and we strongly encourage you to do the same.

Your Kitchen is the Heart of Your Home, so meals and memories starts here.

We, as a family, are passionate about healthy food and nutrition, so we are offering a great selection of different kitchen utensils which could help you having this food on your tables everyday easily.

We also know people love small accessories which could define their personality. Therefore, you will find in our store a beautiful selection of jewelry and gifts.

As a family with kids we know how important is to find a great selection of Baby products in one place. Remembering our needs for the different stages of babies growth, we developed a dedicated Mom and Baby collection.

Of course, Bath and Beauty products have their own two collections, some top brands being included. 

We try to inspire you by offering a special shopping experience and an excellent customer service, therefore we would really appreciate and take into consideration all your comments or observations.

Thank you for visiting our store and looking forward for serving you.



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